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GPO – 1916 Museum


Installation Of Turnstiles & Ticket Verification


3 Lanes of Easygate DG 2 Wing
– 2 Pedestrian
– 1 DDA Access

1 Touch Panel

ZS-1000 Glass Infill Barrier

Flush Mounted REA:Ticket Barcode Verification System
Flush Mounted 7″ Colour Display


Advance Systems worked closely with An Post to design an arrangement of high end aesthetically pleasing Easygate turnstiles that would provide an entrance to the 1916 Commemoration Museum where patrons would have to scan their tickets. We customised our REA:Ticket terminal to be flush mounted beneath the top-lid to allow for surface presentation of tickets with a 7″ colour display beneath the glass. We have interfaced directly with the Gamma Access POS system so once a ticket is sold, the details are passed to our verification server and when presented we grant or deny access accordingly.